In every morning, we gather around a table and think about what is the optimum space for our clients. We read and analyze a site to define an optimum architectural form. There is no priority among projects. Every single project is valuable to us. Like that way, we design values in every day. As a mediator, we design space rather than constructing a building. The architecture, permeating into a place like a being as it was. It is the spatial philosophy we pursue.

SKA ARCHITECTS에서는 매일 아침 회의 테이블에 모여 고객을 위한 최적의 공간은 무엇인지 고민합니다. 그리고 최적의 건축 형상을 찾기 위해 터를 읽고 분석합니다. 프로젝트의 경중은 없습니다. 모든 프로젝트가 저희에게는 소중합니다. 그렇게 매일 가치를 디자인 합니다. 공간 매개자로서 SKA는 건물을 짓기 보다 공간을 디자인 합니다. 원래 있었던 것처럼 장소에 스며드는 건축. SKA가 추구하는 공간 철학입니다.

Hanah Kim / 김 하 나

Head of Spatial Research Team / 공간연구팀장
Univ. of the Arts London. MA / 실내건축학 및 공간디자인학 석사
Univ. of the Arts London. Diploma / 실내건축학 Diploma
Gachon Univ. Adjunct Prof. / 전. 가천대 실내건축학과 겸임교수

Colourist National Qualification
/ Seoul, South Korea
- Theoretical knowledge in colour and colour management

Chelsea College of Art and Design, Univ. of the Arts London
/ London, UK
- MA in Interior and Spatial Design
Chelsea College of Art and Design, Univ. of the Arts London / London, UK
- Graduate Diploma in Interior Design
- Distinction grade in Design Studio
Ewha Women Univ. / Seoul, South Korea
- BA in Architecture

Landscape Architecture Wull
/ Seoul, South Korea
- Researcher
- Inclusive Playground Design Guideline
Seoul Design Foundation / Seoul, South Korea
- Researcher
- Seoul Alley Design Project
Ewha Women Univ. Colour Design Research Institute / Seoul, South Korea
- Cheongju G-well Interior colour design
- Jeju Aqua Planet Interior colour design
- Research on exterior design trend of apartment
- Donghae City Environmental design guideline
- Jaecheon City Environmental coulour design
Yuniahn Design Studio / Seoul, South Korea
- Researcher
- Chloe research 2009 SS and bag desgin
- Celine research 2009 FW and bag design

Martin Perera
Manager in Architectural Design / 설계사원

École Nationale Supérieure D’Architecture de Paris la Villette
/ Paris. France

Rahl Ghish
Architectural Designer / 설계사원

Architectural Association School of Architecture
/ London. UK
- Diploma

Killian Andali
Architectural Designer / 설계사원

University of Kent
/ Canterbury. UK
- BA in Architecture

Michael Mieres
Architectural Designer / 설계사원

University of Lisbon
/ Lisbon. Portugal

- M2

Hanui Lee / 이 한 울

Architectural Assistance / 인턴사원 (한양대)

Haejin Ha / 하 혜 진

Architectural Assistance / 인턴사원 (순천향대)